Intellectual Property Protection and India

How Strong Intellectual Property Protection Can Help India

02.06.14 | By Mark Grayson

A new study  examines the economic impact of India’s current approach to intellectual property rights as it affects pharmaceutical products and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).  The study from Sonecon by Robert Shapiro and Aparna Mathur titled “How India Can Attract More Foreign Direct Invest Investment, Create Jobs, and Increase GDP: The Benefits of Respecting the Intellectual Property Rights of Foreign Pharmaceutical Producers” establishes that inflows of FDI vitally affect the pace of development and growth in  India’s pharmaceutical industry and across much of the nation’s economy.

The authors state that India is fully capable of making major improvements in its IP rights and enforcement, which in turn would produce huge benefits for India.  “By strengthening its IP regime. . . India could well become a global center for innovative drug development and production, increase the life expectancy of its people, expand output and employment and achieve considerable cost savings in medical care and government subsidies. “

The conclusions give hope that India will realize its potential and become a nation that values innovation while helping its people.  You can find this study at Sonecon's website



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