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One of the most important aspects living with diabetes is adherence. When a diabetic fails to take care of themselves, an otherwise manageable disease can quickly turn into a hospital admission, or worse. As part of Diabetes Awareness Month and our focus on keeping people healthy, we have a guest blog post from policy analyst Nick McNeill from NEHI, a national health policy institute. He breaks down a new NEHI report about the link between adherence and hospital readmission rates.

11.15.12 | By Rick Smith

Once again, it's time for Medicare open enrollment, when beneficiaries select their Medicare coverage for the coming year.

11.15.12 | By Preet Bilinski

We continue to focus on diabetes [visit the Medicines in Development for Diabetes resource center] with a guest post from Novo Nordisk's Ken Inchausti.

11.14.12 | By Preet Bilinski

For those unfamiliar with diabetes it can be thought of as a minor hindrance rather than a life-changing disease. However, diabetes is a chronic, life-threatening illness that effects Americans across the country.


Being on top of anyone's list of the 'World's Most Innovative Companies' is a mighty fine set of bragging rights, and Apple can put another feather in its hat thanks to

11.08.12 | By Preet Bilinski

Today we have guest post from co-founder and CEO of the Diabetes Daily blog, Elizabeth Zabell Edelman. Elizabeth is a diabetes advocate who was diagnosed in 2005, she talks about the the daily fears, frustrations and triumphs of living with diabetes.


A group of Swedish researchers just identified a new protein marker that could help detect Type II diabetes up to five years earlier - that's huge news for patients.

11.07.12 | By Preet Bilinski

The northeastern coast of the United States continues to be affected by Hurricane Sandy, which caused extensive damage to cities and rural communities, leaving millions of people without power or homeless.


Below is the latest guest post in our "Part D Perspectives" series, which we'll be hosting during the 2013 Medicare Part D Open Enrollment Period (Oct. 12 - Dec. 7).


Hurricane Sandy is still a big deal for millions of Americans up and down the eastern seaboard who are digging-out, pumping-out and trying to rebuild their homes, lives and communities.


Medicare Today's recent satisfaction survey tells us that Part D works. Ninety percent of seniors are satisfied with their coverage, and 96 percent say it works well.


A new infographic by Leon Farrant on uses CDC data to explain how important vaccines are to multiple diseases, and visually explains the effects of a vaccine on

11.01.12 | By Mark Grayson

Robert Atkinson, President of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, yesterday highlighted that while China and Iran have dominated the foreign policy discussion in the election cycle, we really should be looking at India if we are concerned about jobs and innovation.


October 15 kicked off the 2013 Medicare Part D open enrollment period, which runs through December 7. During this time, Medicare-eligible Americans over 65 and persons with disabilities can choose a new Part D plan that best fits their needs.