Bob Hugin’s Call to Action: Protect Medical Innovation

Bob Hugin’s Call to Action: Protect Medical Innovation

05.23.13 | By

Bob Hugin, Chairman and CEO, Celgene and Chairman of the PhRMA Board, recently sat down with Life Science Leader magazine to talk about the value of medical innovation.  If you haven’t read it already, I urge you to do so because Bob offers some very insightful thoughts on why we as a society should celebrate biopharmaceutical innovation because of the tremendous benefits it provides to patients and the U.S. economy. 

Bob’s passion for this issue is sure to resonate both inside and outside of the beltway – he has a strong drive to tell the industry’s story in a powerful, compassionate and patient-centric way that most Americans, particularly patients, will be able to relate to. 

In the interview, Bobspoke about the importance of collaborative medical research partnerships and the need for pro-innovation policies in the U.S. that provide the necessary environment for biopharmaceutical companies to continue to research and develop life-enhancing medicines (which also add great value to the economy). 

Bob summed it up well toward the end of the interview by saying that, “So few people today appreciate the improvements to the quality and length of life that medicines, devices and medical innovations have on our society and the economy at large.  For example, in 1900, the average U.S. life expectancy was 49 years. Today, it is 79. It is estimated by 2040 U.S. life expectancy will reach 85 years, a full 13 years more than the rest of the world. This is primarily the result of innovation in medicine and improvements to public health, which translates to U.S. economic health as well.”

Well said.  


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