Nerds Rule the Universe

I am Research, Progress, Hope: Nerds Rule the Universe

01.21.14 | By Preet Bilinski

The next new addition to our “I am Research, Progress, Hope” series is a scientist from Pfizer who works in neuroscience – leading a multi-disciplinary team focusing on Alzheimer’s and other serious diseases of the brain including schizophrenia.

Michael Ehlers says that “enthusiasm for scientific discovery can be infectious” and encourages students considering careers in biopharmaceutical research to find a topic to study that triggers a curiosity that they cannot escape. He stresses that “nothing can substitute for the passion that accompanies the fundamentally curious mind.”

Ehlers has an MD and a PhD and says that the MD has been extremely valuable in giving him an understanding of scientific areas beyond chemistry such as human biology, pathology and pathophysiology, all of which have been helpful in his career.

Like many of the other scientists featured in the “I am Research, Progress, Hope” series, Ehler has an interesting hobby: piano playing. He once had dreams of becoming a professional pianist and still plays piano whenever he gets the chance. Ehler is also a family man, dedicated to helping his children learn and express their curiosity as he does in his day-to-day activities at work.

Learn more about Michael Ehlers and some of our other scientists by visiting our day-in-life page and stay tuned to the Catalyst for Part 3 of this month’s “I am Research, Progress, Hope” series.

For additional information about careers in biopharmaceutical research and programs the industry has to support a 21st century workforce, we encourage you to attend PhRMA and U.S. News and World Report‘s STEM Saves Lives forum at the National Press Building on Wednesday, January 22.

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