Omaha -- Home of Steak, Warren Buffett And Cutting-Edge Biopharmaceutical Research

Cutting-Edge Biopharmaceutical Research in Nebraska

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Until this morning, on the rare occasions when I thought of Omaha, Nebraska, I would conjure up images of Warren Buffett, thick juicy steaks, a clean quiet Midwestern city and friendly, laid-back folks, not necessarily in that order.

I learned today that I was not inaccurate, all of the above is true,  but my picture was far from complete.

I was leaving out cutting-edge biopharmaceutical clinical research conducted with biopharmaceutical research companies by such institutions as the University of Nebraska Medical Center, the Department of Psychiatry at Creighton University, Creighton's Cardiac Center and the Missouri Valley Cancer Consortium.

We released Research in Your Backyard: Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials in Nebraska today at a well-attended news conference at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  And it soon became apparent that because of its rock-solid biomedical research infrastructure, Omaha has been the main attraction of biopharmaceutical companies seeking to partner with Nebraska research institutions on clinical trials.

More than 1,400 trials of new medicines have been conducted in this pleasant Missouri River city by the companies and their local research collaborators, and that's out of a total of 1,937 they've conducted altogether in Nebraska since 1999.

More than half of the city's trials have targeted the nation's most debilitating chronic diseases -- cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, asthma and mental illnesses.

And it's important that nearly 150 of the chronic disease medicine trials in Omaha are still active and recruiting patients.  Cancer patients considering clinical trials would have 80 trials to consider, while diabetics would have 23 and heart disease patients 21.  Ten trials of new treatments for stroke are available, as are eight for asthma and five for mental illness.

Yes, there are excellent steak restaurants and friendly people residing in this pretty city.  But there's much more -- respected research institutions that have partnered with biopharmaceutical companies on clinical trials of new patient treatments, making Omaha a competitive clinical research center in the Midwest.


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