PhRMA President and CEO John Castellani Tells POLITICO: Adding Value to Health Care Dialogue a Key Part of Industry’s Mission

06.20.13 | By

Last week, POLITICO sat down with President and CEO John Castellani to discuss how he is working to elevate the biopharmaceutical industry’s role as a thought leader within the health care ecosystem, as well as a key player in policy discussions within Washington and beyond. Check out the resulting article, where Castellani emphasizes his goal for the biopharmaceutical industry to engage on the big health policy questions of the day, which is core to our mission of pursuing research, progress and hope for millions of patients.

As part of PhRMA’s goal to be a “trusted source” and “thought leader,” Castellani stressed our increased investment in policy and research capabilities, as well as the importance of understanding how we can add value to key health care issues and questions. As Congress and state policymakers address issues ranging from Medicare Part D to biomedical innovation, this will continue to guide our efforts.

The article also referenced the launch of our new “Conversations” forum, which will invite stakeholders, thought leaders, patients and advocates from across health care to weigh in on major issues that are shaping how patients receive high-quality care. The forum aims to convene a mix of opinions and perspectives so that we can all learn from one another, so stay-tuned for updates next week.

As Castellani wrote in his post on Tuesday, “Healthy debate is the foundation of progress and advancement” and I hope this POLITICO article sheds light on PhRMA’s goal to engage on a higher level on the health care issues impacting the country.

You can read the full POLITICO article here.


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