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Week in Review: The Many Facets of R&D

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Making a new treatment available to patients takes more than a decade and a billion dollars. Given the time and resources it takes to successfully bring a drug to market, the need for strong intellectual property (IP) protections in the U.S. and abroad has never been more important. Our VP of International Affairs, Jay Taylor, emphasized this point when discussing the 19th round Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations that happened this week in Brunei. Jay noted that if IP isn’t protected, it would not only result in fewer new medicines for patients, but also have a potentially damaging effect on the U.S. economy and job growth.

Innovative R&D also stems from the ability to share and learn from clinical trial data. In a “Conversations” wrap-up this week, our President and CEO John Castellani indicated that the biopharmaceutical industry is one of many groups that understands the importance of clinical trial data, and that other leading health organizations also aim to protect patient privacy while taking steps forward in health care innovation. Clinical trials are essential to developing new treatments for patients, and Marcia Horn of International Cancer Advocacy Network (ICAN) has advocated for increased clinical trial participation to help expedite the R&D process, while increasing patient education on potential treatments for various diagnoses. Through initiatives like “Research in your Backyard,” we are carrying out clinical trials with diverse groups of patients to target debilitating chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Unfortunately, there are a number of barriers when trying to improve R&D in the biopharmaceutical industry. Executive Director for the Partnership for Safe Medicines, Scott LaGanga, traveled to India this week to discuss the health and systemic risks of counterfeit, substandard or otherwise unsafe medicines sold in the region. Such medications put patient health at risk and deter the development of innovative new medications.

The innovative R&D process is impacted by a variety of factors. Be sure to check The Catalyst often to learn more about what we’re doing to improve biopharmaceutical research and development so Americans live longer, healthier lives.





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