Recognizing World Alzheimer's Day

World Alzheimer’s Day and Alzheimer’s Prevention

09.23.13 | By

As the nation recognizes World Alzheimer’s Day this Saturday, the federal government announced that it is awarding a $33.2 million grant to test an Alzheimer’s medicine in pre-symptomatic seniors (60 to 75 year olds) with two copies of the AD gene.  According to a New York Times article about the grant, the clinical trials being conducted by Banner Alzheimer’s Institute in Phoenix, Ariz., have also received funding from the biopharmaceutical industry, the Alzheimer’s Association and other nonprofit sources, in order to garner the more than $100 million necessary to get the trial off the ground – yet another research collaboration across the spectrum of the medical innovation ecosystem.

The project also reflects scientists’ increasing focus on finding early interventions that can delay or even prevent the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Several PhRMA member companies are working to find a way to stop the progression of the devastating disease, including research teams at AstraZeneca, who wrote a blog post on LabTalk yesterday about their participation in a private-public partnership attempting to inhibit the production of amyloid-β peptide – a potential pathological signature of Alzheimer’s disease in the brain.
As I wrote yesterday, PhRMA is hosting a forum on October 23, in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association and the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, to discuss ways to increase collaborations in Alzheimer’s research and address the challenges involved in recruiting and utilizing pre-symptomatic patients in clinical trials. With speakers from academia, government, industry and patient groups, this will be a must-attend event. Stay tuned to the Catalyst and follow @PhRMA for more details on how you can participate.


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