The Diabetes Problem Continues to Grow Around the World

The Diabetes Problem Continues to Grow Around the World

06.28.11 | By

A piece on the increasing, world-wide problem of diabetes in the Washington Post this past weekend should give us all pause. It was yet another in the recent spate of reports highlighting how diabetes is now a fact of life in many countries and cultures where it was once rare. Causes include changing diet and lifestyle and complicating factors include healthcare systems unfamiliar with the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes - especially among children and young people.

The bottom line is that the number of people around the globe with Type 2 Diabetes has essentially doubled in recent years.
As we know from experience in the United States, identifying, preventing and providing appropriate treatment to diabetics - especially among young people - is a challenge. But early interventions - like diet and exercise - can help prevent the onset of diabetes. Indeed, some studies indicate that with proper diet, early stage Type 2 diabetes can even be reversed.
Medicines are also playing an important role in treating and reducing the toll of diabetes. America's biopharmaceutical research companies are currently working on a record 235 new medicines to help treat and prevent the condition. Additionally, organizations like the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease are helping to raise awareness of the human and economic cost of chronic conditions like diabetes as well as identifying and promoting policies to help prevent and better manage chronic diseases generally.
For additional coverage of the story check-out these stories on the Huffington Post and at the Economist.

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