Elsewhere on the Blogosphere

Elsewhere on the Blogosphere

04.01.11 | By Kate Connors

The New York Times highlights Butler basketball coach (and apparently fairy godfather) Brad Stevens, who left a job in the biopharmaceutical research sector to try his hand at coaching. We love industry employees, but that might have been a pretty good move on his part. Plus, according to the article, "he still discusses developments in the pharmaceutical industry with former co-workers after church."

Having succumbed to an unpleasant fall this week on an early morning jog, I wish I'd come across this article on the Times's Well blog about a study of guinea hens running and how some avoided slipping and falling. The guinea hens were chosen in order to study how humans might better avoid falls - without actually making humans slip and slide. The trick? Click here to read the post, and be sure to check out the video.

Parents of budding musicians may want to take a look at this NPR Shots post about a study in General Dentistry of musical instruments and the many germs that thrive there. From 13 instruments, researchers identified 295 different germs, with woodwind instruments - like the clarinet - being the worst offenders. The good news is doctors say these germs are easily sterilized. The bad news is I didn't know this information years ago, in time to tease my clarinet-playing sister about being germy.

No need for a rush on snake venom antidotes: the Bronx Zoo cobra has been found, much to the dismay of her many new fans.

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