Give Kids An Inch, They'll Give You A Breakthrough

Give Kids An Inch, They'll Give You A Breakthrough

05.29.12 | By Kate Connors

This year, one of the key topics of conversation at our annual meeting was the importance of collaboration among different members of the research ecosystem - and rightly so, as this collaboration is allowing biopharmaceutical researchers to move in some really groundbreaking directions.

Today, I came across an interesting article about a program that my alma mater has implemented, in which students are matched with alumni entrepreneurs to get new businesses off the ground.

Granted, the partnership featured in this article involves hair care products, but it got me thinking about how many opportunities there are for similar collaboration around the country. It put into perspective for me just how much innovative work really must be happening.

After all, my colleague Christian Clymer just shared a story with me last week about a teenager who invented a remarkable new early detection test for pancreatic cancer, potentially detecting the disease earlier, and at a much lower cost than the current standard.

The take-home, in my book? Let's not step away from STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education. These great thinkers of today - if given the tools and opportunities they need to grow - could be the great minds of tomorrow.

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