Hitting the Road for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

Hitting the Road for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

03.27.12 | By

The next few weeks will be a swirl of airports and far-flung hotels, as I make my way to Norwalk, CT and Orlando, FL for two conferences on prescription drug abuse.

As I've mentioned before, this topic hits pretty close to home. In Connecticut I'll be listening to Drug Enforcement Administration officials, Office of National Drug Control Policy leadership and local addiction specialists who give a localized picture of what their communities are facing. The conference is sponsored by The U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Connecticut, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, Drug Control Division, so it will focus on the law-enforcement aspects of prescription drug abuse.

And in Florida, Operation UNITE has put together the National Prescription Drug Abuse Summit, where leadership from around the country is coming together for two days to talk about best practices, discuss potential solutions and network with others who want to help. The list of guest speakers is a name-droppers dream of national leaders on prescription drug abuse prevention - U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, CDC Director Dr. Illeana Arias, ONDCP Director Gil Kerlikowske and many others (can you tell I'm excited?). Operation UNITE was sponsored by U.S. Congressman Hal Rogers, who started the program in response to the ongoing problems he witnessed in his Eastern Kentucky district. My parents are constituents of Congressman Rogers, so I'll be pretty anxious to hear what Operation UNITE has been doing in my hometown.

More updates to follow while on the road. Do you have suggestions for prescription drug abuse events that I should be attending? Leave an update in the comments, or email me!

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