On Lashes and Lymphoma

On Lashes and Lymphoma

01.09.12 | By Kate Connors

I hate cancer. I have too many friends and loved ones battling this awful disease right now - though, admittedly, even one is one too many.

Fortunately, as of very recently, one of those friends is winning her fight.

Susan used to work here at PhRMA, and still works with us on some important projects. So she knows our talking points, our positions, our statistics and figures. But now she knows about this industry in a personal way: a few months ago she said to me, "Without these companies, I wouldn't be getting the medicines that are going to save my life." And save her life they did.

They're doing more, those medicines. They're allowing her beautiful little girls to continue growing up with this bright, generous, warm soul as their mother. And her experience has reminded us all that across the country, other people are also battling cancer - and thanks to their will and their medicines, some of them are winning, too.

Today, as Susan embarks on the life of a cancer survivor, I'm thrilled to share with you the blog that she has kept throughout her ordeal, touching on everything from her diagnosis to her eyelashes. As she writes in the blog, "Once again I am mindful about the fact that this therapy is relatively new and 20 years ago, I wouldn't have had this option. Thank you science."

I can quote for you numbers about cancer survival rates, about the number of medicines in development for various cancers, and more. But today, I'm going to let Susan do the talking.

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