National Take Back Day Takes Off

National Take Back Day Takes Off

05.03.11 | By Kate Connors

For years, PhRMA has supported several programs that educate consumers about the safe disposal of expired and unused medications, including SMARxT Disposal, American Medicine Chest Challenge, and most recently, the DEA National Take Back Day, which occurred April 30 at approved locations across the nation.

If you or someone you know missed your chance to participate in DEA National Take Back Day, don't worry - you can still safely dispose of your medicines in your household trash through a series of simple steps. Immediately disposing of any unused medicine can help reduce the risk of those prescriptions ending up in the wrong hands or being abused or misused.

These steps are described through SMARxT Disposal Program, a partnership program that informs people how to safely dispose of their medicines in the household trash. PhRMA is a key partner with the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the American Pharmacists Association on the SMARxT Disposal Program.

SMARxT Disposal recommends that all unused medicines, unless specified otherwise by the Food and Drug Administration, should be mixed with water, sealed in an opaque container safely secure from children, pets, and others, and discarded in household trash to be later incinerated or placed in a government approved solid waste landfill.

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