In the News: The Importance of Adherence

In the News: The Importance of Adherence

04.27.12 | By Christian Clymer

In a recent op-ed in The Boston Globe, Merck's Chief Medical Officer Mike Rosenblatt and Dr. Harris Berman, Dean of Tufts Medical School, commented on the pressing need to fix a fundamental problem in healthcare today: getting patients to take their medications.

Rosenblatt and Berman comment in the op-ed: "It is sobering to know that many of the benefits of modern medicines fail to reach patients because many simply don't take the medications prescribed by their doctors. It's obvious, but medicines won't work unless patients take them. Sadly, human behavior trumps all of the sophistication and technology of modern drug discovery every time."

Fixing the problem will require collaboration among patients, doctors, pharmacists, government, insurers, employers and the pharmaceutical industry - and will reap benefits in terms of improved outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

Read the op-ed in The Boston Globe:
Prescription for National Health: Get Patients to Take Their Medicine

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