PhRMA Chairman Lechleiter on the "Renaissance" of Biopharma Innovation

PhRMA Chairman Lechleiter on the "Renaissance" of Biopharma Innovation

01.28.13 | By

We may be on "the verge of a renaissance in pharmaceutical R&D," John Lechleiter, PhD, chairman of PhRMA and chairman, president and CEO of Eli Lilly and Company, declares in a great opinion piece posted today on Forbes' website.

Dr. Lechleiter makes this eloquent assertion as he describes the findings of the recent report on the biopharmaceutical pipeline, developed by the Analysis Group and supported by PhRMA. As a refresher, among the key findings in the report:

  • There are more than 5,000 potential new medicines in the pipeline globally
  • Seventy percent represent potential first-in-class medicines
  • Personalized medicines and drugs for rare diseases represent a growing proportion of the pipeline
  • Researchers are working on many diseases for which there have been no approved therapies in last decade, including ovarian cancer, ALS, septic shock and small cell lung cancer

Noting that most of the medicines in the pipeline are being developed by U.S.-based biopharmaceutical companies, Dr. Lechleiter emphasizes the importance of maintaining a public policy environment in the U.S. that allows innovation to "flourish."

Dr. Lechleiter expressed similar views during a recent webinar held to release the pipeline report. If you missed it, the archived video is still available.

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