#PhRMA12: Governor Patrick Lauds a "Knowledge Explosion"

#PhRMA12: Governor Patrick Lauds a "Knowledge Explosion"

04.12.12 | By Kate Connors

Speaking about the biopharmaceutical sector's presence in Massachusetts, Governor Deval Patrick discussed the Commonwealth's Life Sciences Initiative, a 10-year, $1 billion program intended to "spur private investment in innovation."

Since its launch, the program has seen every dollar of public investment attract three dollars in private investment, he said. The effect has been significant, driving job growth and spurring the state's already-strong biosciences cluster.

Ultimately, he said, his theory is that a strong state economy relies on three interwoven priorities: education, innovation and infrastructure.

By supporting those three ideas, we can take advance of science in a way that promotes better health for patients and for our economy: "The world is in the midst of a knowledge explosion, and that offers profound opportunities for the economy."

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