#PhRMA14 Day 1: Commitment to Progress

#PhRMA14 Day 1: Commitment to Progress

04.09.14 | By

Day one of #PhRMA14 was a success! Celgene CEO and PhRMA Chairman Bob Hugin set the tone for the meeting by emphasizing the industry’s commitment to the patient. It is because of that commitment that we have seen tremendous progress and a real prospect of producing dramatic breakthroughs. Yet, there are still challenges that must be addressed, and discussions tomorrow will speak to six key initiatives to help address them. We encourage you to follow the conversation online and share your opinion on the access and value of the U.S. health care delivery system, communicating the value of the biopharmaceutical industry, the importance of medical innovation, how to advance innovation through trade agreements and utilizing big data.

Nobel Laureate Craig Mello also spoke this afternoon and highlighted recent R&D progress. In addition to discussing his research on bacterial genetics, he explained that much of the passion he has for what he does comes from the fact that his daughter was diagnosed with diabetes at just a year old. Ultimately, he said, things in biomedical research have never been more exciting because we are unlocking the secrets of life.

Senator Cory Booker - the final speaker - emphasized the need to work together to find new medicines for patients. He not only talked about protecting intellectual property and ensuring that trade agreements reflect U.S. law, but also shared a moving personal story about his father’s fight against Parkinson’s disease.

As Chairman Hugin said, it’s the patients that bring us together. Check out a snapshot of some of the tweets throughout the day and join the discussion again tomorrow. #PhRMA14 begins tomorrow at 8 a.m. EDT.

Take a look at a few highlights from #PhRMA14 today!



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