Practicing What I Preach: Drug Samples

Practicing What I Preach: Drug Samples

10.17.11 | By Kate Connors

Today, I went to the doctor about a sinus infection that I can't seem to kick. As part of our new attack on this virus, he prescribed me an inhaler, then stepped out of the examining room. He returned a moment later with a sample of the inhaler so that I could begin this important treatment regimen as soon as possible.
When he caught me giggling, he asked for the reason why. I explained that I work at PhRMA, where I occasionally find myself defending drug samples in terms of their value to both physicians and patients.
"Really?" he asked. "I can't imagine my practice without samples. It's the only way that I can be sure that my patients are getting their medicines immediately. And the only thing that influences the decisions I make is whether a medicine works."
I haven't yet made it to drop off my prescription at the pharmacy, but I've already started my treatment.

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