Research Baby Steps

Research Baby Steps

07.25.12 | By

I saw this item today on potential progress against Alzheimer's disease that is worth a look. The upshot of the article is that new work with stem cells in an animal study suggests that some memory lost due to Alzheimer's may be recoverable.

Studies like this point to how research may lead to progress in the fight against this horrible disease. And, while it is certainly true that any benefits from this research will take years and a significant investment in resources and money to fully realize any potential gains in treating Alzheimer's, it is exactly this kind of basic research that should give us all hope about future treatments for the disease.

The bottom line is that this is yet another baby step in the battle against Alzheimer's. However, it is essential that this work be done and to keep in mind that every little success and, yes, even research failures, teaches us more about the disease and how we can possibly treat, prevent or even cure it.

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