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U.S. Trade Representative Continues the Vital IP Dialogue

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This year, PhRMA has recommended that India receive the same designation along with another Out-Of-Cycle Review and we look forward to working with the Administration as it builds a roadmap that will ensure substantive changes to India’s policies.

Week in Review: The latest from PhRMA

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Michael Rosenblatt, Chief Medical Officer of Merck, shares why R&D has allowed him to help patients.

Sandy C.

From Hope To Cures  |  From Our Network

Hope came to me through friends and strangers on social media.

PhRMA Statement on Misleading Reports About Price Growth

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Unfortunately, medicines are always looked at as a cost and never seen as a savings – even though medicines often reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, help avoid costly medical procedures and increase productivity through better prevention and management of chronic diseases.”

Aspen Spotlight Health 360° VIDEO PREMIERE:
New Virtual Reality Video Takes You Inside The Lab with Researchers to Showcase Amazing Advancements in Medicine

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Members of the media are welcome to visit the exhibit and check out the 360° video during the Spotlight Health conference.

What are REMS? These extra steps are helping protect patient health

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Elements to Assure Safe Use (ETASU): this term typically refers to medical interventions or actions HCPs must take before prescribing or dispensing the medicine.

Alzheimer's Disease and the Path Forward

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Who:    Suzanne Corker, PhD, Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience, Emerita, Massachussetts Institute of Technology                  Neil Buckholtz, PhD, Director, Division of Neuroscience Office, National Institute on Aging                  Bill Chin, MD, Executive Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, PhRMA;                  Howard Fillit, MD, Executive Director and Chief Science Officer, Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation                  Maria Freire, PhD, President, Foundation of NIH;                  Tim Garnett, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President, Eli Lilly;                  Nicholas Kozaur, MD, Acting Clinical Team Lead at the FDA’s Division of Neurology Products;                  Eric Parker, PhD, Executive Director and Neuroscience Site Lead, MerckResearch Laboratories;                  Heather Snyder, PhD, Director, Medical and Scientific Relations, Alzheimer’s Association;                  Stevin Zorn, PhD, Executive Vice President of R&D, Lundbeck;                  And others             What:   Alzheimer’s: The Puzzle, The Partners, The Path Forward                 Sponsored by: PhRMA, the Alzheimer’s Association and the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation   When:  Wednesday, October 23, 2013, 9:00am – 5:45pm   Where:  National Academy of Sciences Building                   2102 Constitution Ave., NW                   Washington, DC 2003   *** Due to limiting seating capacity, please fill out the registration form found on by October 16, 2013.

PhRMA Response to Colombia’s Decision to Enforce a Declaration of Public Interest

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“The enforcement of a declaration of public interest as a mechanism to impose superfluous price controls sets a harmful global precedent, undermining the incentives that enable high-risk research and development investments in life-saving medical innovation and a host of other cutting-edge industries.

Medicines in Development for Older Americans 2013 Report

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Tremendous advances in medical science, combined with the benefits of lifestyle changes, have allowed more individuals to continue living their lives with one or more chronic illnesses.

Guest Post: Spotlighting the heroes in clinical trials

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And we invite you join us in honoring clinical research participants by sharing your own “thank you” to the clinical trial community using #herosjourneyart in social media.

Why won’t the insurance industry tell the truth about medicine costs?

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A recent analysis by the Berkeley Research Group found that biopharmaceutical companies retain just 63 percent of the list price of a medicine, with more than a third being rebated back to insurance companies, PBMs and the government.

Panel releases best practices in cost-effectiveness analysis

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The societal perspective includes these medical costs, as well as other potential costs and benefits, such as patient time, time given by caregivers, transportation costs and employment impact.

New Reports Highlight Increasing Global Competition in Biopharmaceutical R&D, Posing Significant Challenges to Future U.S. Standing

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To view the reports and related infographics, click here.

Manager – Advocacy and Strategic Alliances (State)

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We offer traditional (medical, dental, vision, flexible spending, life, AD&D, LTD, STD, LTC) and enhanced benefits such as parental leave, health advocate service, back-up childcare, commuting and financial & estate planning benefits.

PhRMA Special 301 Submission 2017

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Protecting the intellectual capital of the innovative biopharmaceutical industry in particular is vitally important for the continued medical breakthroughs that are saving the lives of patients all around the world.

Stakeholders raise concerns about ICER’s evidence report for non-small cell lung cancer

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The organization has said lung cancer patients place a high value on quality of life and the opportunity of medical discovery to extend their lives.

Discovery of counterfeit hepatitis C drug is another example of why importation is bad for patients

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A counterfeiter in India began developing and selling a fake hepatitis C medicine.

Harnessing the power of real-world evidence to benefit patients through PDUFA VI

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America’s biopharmaceutical researchers are in a golden era of medical research, discovery and development for patients.

Breast Cancer Costs Go Up, But So Does Survival

From Hope To Cures  |  From Our Network

Median cancer-related costs and survival rates were both higher in the late group than in the early group for the two disease stages and for all age strata analyzed.

PhRMA Statement Supporting 21st Century Regulatory System

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Today, PricewaterhouseCoopers issued the latest in a series of sobering reports identifying countries such as China, India and Brazil as making it a national priority to wrestle these high-value jobs from the U.S.’s grasp.

Medicare Monday: Resources for understanding Medicare Part B and D

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Part B Medicines Represent Significant Medical Advances To learn more about the Medicare program, take a look at our continuing Medicare Monday series and share your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #MedicareMonday.

What makes Valeant different than innovative biopharmaceutical companies?

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A recent

ICYMI: Report highlights overall decrease in cancer death rates

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Read more about the work being done by America’s biopharmaceutical companies in cancer treatment and about the last decade of innovation in cancer.

I'm Not Average: Marina Is Living Well in Spite of Stomach Cancer

PhRMA  |  Blog Post

Marina’s story is part of PhRMA’s new campaign, I’m Not Average, to share inspirational stories from individuals about the powerful impact advances and innovations in cancer medicines have had on their lives.

ICYMI: Policy solutions for delivering innovative treatments to patients

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You can learn more about the solutions here.

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