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Zika Virus: Current Outbreak and Ongoing Research Efforts

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Symptoms of the disease are usually mild, including fever, joint pain, rashes, and viral conjunctivitis (red/itchy eyes), and appear within a week of being exposed.

Week in Review: The Latest from PhRMA

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PhRMA’s own Sharon Brigner noted she’s found a rewarding career advocating for patients at the bedside and at the policy table.

New academic initiative aims to inform approaches to value assessment frameworks

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For more information about the call for papers, please visit the ISPOR website.

21st Century Cures: Digital Health Care

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The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) appreciates the opportunity to provide input to the House Energy and Commerce Committee in response to the white paper entitled “21st Century Cures – Digital Health Care: Leveraging Technology to Advance the Discovery, Development, and Delivery of Better Treatments and Cures.”

Compulsory licensing: A misused and abused international trade law

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In one instance, India granted a compulsory license to a homegrown generic drug-maker for the production and sale of a patented oncology medicine in part because it was not manufactured in India.

ICYMI: Next Generation Cures

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If you missed the conversation, check out the recap on social media on Storify or watch the video below.

ICER glosses over significant progress in MS treatment

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Read more about PhRMA’s policy solutions to promote value-driven health care here.

New non-discrimination rule neglects to define discriminatory benefits

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Learn more about this and other solutions here 1.

Over 8,200 Clinical Trials of Medicines Conducted by Texas Research Institutions Since 1999

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Find PhRMA Online: Website – Facebook – Blog – Twitter – and YouTube – For information on how innovative medicines save lives, visit: http://www.innovation.orgFor information on the Partnership for Prescription Assistance, visit: http://www.pparx.orgFor information on ensuring the flow of medicines during public health emergencies, visit The Texas Healthcare and Bioscience Institute (THBI) ( was created in 1996 and is a non-profit public policy research organization comprised of biotechnology, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as research organizations and economic development corporations.

ICYMI: American Society for Clinical Oncology statement on clinical pathways

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To learn more about clinical pathways and what they mean for treatment options, check out recent research from Avalere Health, or view PhRMA’s principles for clinical pathway programs.

Sources of Adherence Research Funding

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  Lilly FoundationLilly Grant ProgramDeadline: Rolling Lilly provides grants and charitable contributions for healthcare professional education, patient advocacy and consumer education programs in a variety of therapeutic areas through the Lilly Grant Office.

New Research Highlights “Rare Opportunity” to Improve Health Outcomes, Affordability through Targeted Medication Adherence Efforts

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The article was authored by Bruce Stuart, professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research and director of the Peter Lamy Center on Drug Therapy and Aging, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy; F.

Independent Payment Advisory Board

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Cuts proposed by IPAB would be mandatory and largely unchecked, giving the board – or the Secretary of Health and Human Services – the power to make widespread changes to Medicare without congressional approval.

Reflecting on terrific progress in treating diabetes

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Learn more about ways PhRMA supports empowering and engaging consumers here.

PhRMA Statement on Ensuring Continued Medical Progress

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  Challenges to growth and sustainability: The paper identifies challenges that could impact future growth and sustainability including the lengthy and sometimes unpredictable Food and Drug Administration review process, uncertainty created by implementation of new federal laws, and pricing and reimbursement policies that don’t adequately value medical advances.

SB 17 doesn’t address pressing prescription drug transparency issues for CA voters

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Rather, it calls for mounds of red tape and government reports that look only at the list price of a prescription drug rather than considering actual patient spending after negotiated discounts and rebates.

EFPIA-PhRMA Principles successfully enable responsible clinical trial data sharing

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Data Anonymization – a Key Enabler for Clinical Data Sharing.

In Case You Missed It: Progress and Promise in Alzheimer’s Research

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Egge, chief public policy officer of the Alzheimer’s Association; Sue Peschin, president and chief executive officer of the Alliance for Aging Research and George A.

Joint Industry Statement: Internet Sales and Access to Safe Medicines

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Sources NABP Reports, 2012 Show Me the Money: Characterizing Spam-advertised Revenue, 2011 U.S.

Putting Patients at the Center of the Clinical Pathways Debate

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For more information about The National Patient Advocate Foundation’s (NPAF) position on clinical pathways, check out their new white paper here.

ICYMI: New analysis shows U.S. brand-name medicines rose just 0.7 percent in second quarter

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 To help ensure that patients are not adversely impacted by ill-conceived, short-sighted policy “solutions,” conversations on costs need to move beyond political hyperbole to a fulsome discussion about how our nation’s competitive biopharmaceutical marketplace works to control costs.

21st Century Cures: A Call to Action

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PhRMA thanks the Committee for the opportunity to submit comments on the Committee’s white paper entitled, “21st Century Cures: A Call to Action.”

A Sea Change in Treating Heart Attacks

From Hope To Cures  |  From Our Network

Just this month, powerful drugs from the first new class of medicines to lower bad cholesterol levels in a generation neared approval by the Food and Drug Administration, raising hopes that they will further reduce the death rate from heart disease.

PhRMA Statement on Commissioner Scott Gottlieb’s Address to the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society 2017 Regulatory Conference

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Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb’s address to the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society 2017 Regulatory Conference: “While the pace of science has evolved considerably, the simple fact is from drug discovery through U.S.

New report confirms competitive market works; Net prices for medicines increased just 2.8 percent in 2015

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This follows similar research, released by Kaiser Family Foundation yesterday, on patient cost sharing rising faster than insurance costs underscoring the need for policy solutions that deliver innovative treatments to patients through empowering and engaging consumers.

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