The "State" of the Sector

The "State" of the Sector

04.28.11 | By Kate Connors

Two weeks ago at our annual meeting, attendees heard a variety of governors talk about the roles that biopharmaceutical research companies play in their state economies. Now, a new resource on PhRMA's website makes it easier for the public to see this role.

Our interactive map of the U.S. allows users to click on a particular state to see some top-line economic data, specifically direct jobs, total jobs supported, taxes from direct workers, and R&D investment.

From there, users can opt to learn even more by visiting the state-specific two-page fact sheet, conducted by Archstone Consulting on behalf of PhRMA, that gives a comprehensive overview of the sector's role in each state.

In Colorado, for example, the sector directly provided (in 2008, the most recent year that data were available) nearly 13,000 jobs, and supported a total of nearly 55,000 jobs. The fact sheet breaks down the direct employment figure even further, with 23.8% of workers employed in life, physical and social science jobs; 22.3% in architecture and engineering jobs; 15.6% in computer and mathematical science jobs; and 9.7% in business and financial operations jobs, to start.

Take a few minutes to explore the map and the data it provides. There's some interesting, user-friendly information in there that helps to demonstrate the important economic role this sector plays in regions throughout the country.

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