Survey Says....Doctors Value Interactions With Companies

Survey Says....Doctors Value Interactions With Companies

03.29.11 | By Kate Connors

Today - as I told you yesterday - PhRMA released the results of an opinion survey of more than 500 physicians regarding their interactions with biopharmaceutical research companies.

I won't rehash the entire results of the survey in this post, as you can read the survey itself if you wish.

Personally, I want to point out that the results of the survey brought me to two conclusions: that biopharmaceutical companies are an important source of information for physicians and that biopharmaceutical companies are just one of many sources of information for physicians.

What's the difference? It's a big difference.

First, physicians find companies - and the information they provide - to be useful, reliable and up-to-date. This is a reminder of the value provided by biopharmaceutical companies, not just as developers of data, but providers of data.

However, despite the value of this information, physicians consider other sources to be useful, as well, such as continuing medical education courses, peer-reviewed medical journals, and their fellow physicians.

In the end, physicians use biopharmaceutical company information to make their decisions, but they are by no means biased by that information, nor are their prescribing decisions compromised. In fact, other factors, such as an individual patient's medical needs or insurance and financial considerations, play a larger role in physician prescribing.

This balance of information is a testament to the many types of collaboration that benefit millions of patients across America.

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