Week in Review

10.04.13 | By

The significant disease progress we've made reminds us to not only recognize and appreciate what we've already accomplished on behalf of patients, but also to look into the future and determine what more can be done.

The Puzzle, The Partners, The Path Forward

10.02.13 | By

The best and the brightest spanning the innovation ecosystem have been trying for years to unlock the mysteries of Alzheimer’s disease with the common goals of delaying, treating or outright preventing progression of the disease. Further, there are a number of public and private initiatives underway and no shortage of related conferences and meetings.

One Year Anniversary of PDUFA V

09.30.13 | By

In 1992, under the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began collecting fees from biopharmaceutical companies to provide much needed resources to keep new medicines moving through the approval process and into the hands of patients. 

Conversations on Medicare Part D

09.30.13 | By

In 2003, through the Medicare Modernization Act, Congress established the Medicare prescription drug benefit - better known as Part D. Ten years later, at a cost significantly below initial estimates, the program is successfully providing affordable access to prescription drugs for more than 30 million seniors and people with disabilities.

Recent Progress is Staggering

09.27.13 | By

From programs that provide access to medicines, to the development of innovative new treatments, the recent progress we’ve made is staggering.

Patient Health, Innovation and the Protections Needed

09.27.13 | By

Millions of patients around the world depend on innovative medicines to help them live long, healthy lives. Every time I travel to a different country, I am reminded of this fact. Just last week in Tokyo, PhRMA EVP for Advocacy Chip Davis specifically addressed how the innovative new medicines our member companies develop have enhanced the country’s health care system.

PhRMA Conversations - Medicare Part D and its Promise

09.25.13 | By

In 2003, the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act was passed by Congress and signed into law by President George W. Bush. This landmark legislation created the Medicare prescription drug benefit (Part D) – a federal program that provides affordable drug coverage to millions of seniors and people with disabilities.

Patients Are Critical Collaborators In Parkinson's Disease

09.25.13 | By

Without patients who volunteer to participate in clinical trials, new medicines (including the 444 medicines in development to prevent and treat neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s) cannot be approved.  The Michael J.

Alzheimer's Disease and the Path Forward

Join Us for a Discussion about Challenges and Opportunities In Pre-Competitive Partnerships, Clinical Trial Enrollment and Public Policy

Conversations on Innovations in the Biopharmaceutical Pipeline

09.23.13 | By

With more than 5,000 medicines in development globally, the prospects for incredible breakthroughs in medicine – many of which may one day help those suffering from diseases that are currently untreatable – are exceedingly bright.


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